The Lurking Fear

Our second release, “The Lurking Fear” is contains much inspiration drawn from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

This release will include but is not limited to the following tracks:

1. Servants of the Serpent’s Path
2. Days of Dagon
3. Summoning (Pop Lustre Mix)
4. The Lurking Fear
5. Aftermath (Cancerslug cover)
6. 1,000 Worlds Away (alternate version)
5. Scourge
6. Darkness At The Edge of Town
7. A Damned Wolf Remained
8. When A Stranger Calls
9. End Of The Line
10. Succubus, The Impertinence Of Youth
11. Death From Beyond The Stars
12. Suicide Helpline From Beyond The Grave
13. Ghoul
14. Curse of the Mummy

+ bonus tracks of varying degrees of hilarity and mirth