Video from our last show! Click here: https://youtu.be/E1_W7ZidGCg


From the depths of the vault!

Happy Halloween! (I know, it’s tomorrow, but no reason not to start now)

Here’s another fun bit of HM history. In 2016 we jumped on the bill to open for Eva O, at El Corazon, Seattle. After we were committed to the show, we find out it’s an acoustic set. Hadn’t done that before, and with just over a month to prepare, we got down to retooling songs in a more creepy lounge vibe.

This was our last practice of four, before the show.



Blast from the past!

The other night I was perusing some old files here and came across a session we noodled out five years ago almost to the day. Did a little clean up on the mix and figured I’d share it with you. Live music is often an evolving, living thing, and this old snapshot of where we were then isn’t pretty, but it’s pretty fun.

– Jake

You can grab this demo release here: http://www.hadesmachine.com/_promo/HadesMachine_October_2013_Demos.zip


Live at the 2 Bit Saloon

Live set from June 30th, opening for Darrow Chemical Company at the 2 Bit Saloon in Ballard (Seattle).

You can download it here: http://hadesmachine.com/live/HadesMachine_-_Live_At_The_2_Bit_Saloon.zip