Dead of Night

The first full length, a long time in the making, is now upon us. I’d started on “The Lurking Fear” a while back, but felt like the first batch of material needed a rework first. Naturally, that expanded to include more songs, and well… down the rabbit hole we go! So here we have it – the official Dead of Night full length, available Halloween 2017.

    Track listing:

  • End Of The Line
  • Dead Of Night
  • Rebirth…
  • Cadaverous Intent
  • In The Blood
  • No One Gets Out Alive
  • Death From Beyond The Stars
  • [Outbreak]
  • Panic In The Lab
  • (Raising empty vessells)
  • Soulless
  • 1000 Worlds Away
  • Beyond Angled Space
  • The Montauk Prophecies
  • Open Windows
  • Ghoul (live)
  • …and a special bonus track