Reeling from the loss of Andrew, Duncan would return to get us through two back to back shows.

As Spinal Tap was known for losing drummers, we appear to be plagued with ill fated guitarists. We survived an excursion to Bellingham in December, sans one guitar, and becoming separated from Duncan as we ran for our lives after the show. After being rejoined by early guitarist, Nick, and recruiting a new rhythm guitarist, Andrew, we regrouped for another foray into Seattle in January, to open for Calabrese. This would be the one and only show Andrew would play with us. I’d like to think he sacrificed himself to save us, as he was a stoic and noble young man.

As Halloween came close, we returned to Studio Seven for the last time. Chaos reigned that night – events unforeseen and out of control, parts of lower Seattle were overrun. Unwilling to share basic necessities, this location became inhospitable and shall remain off limits. Sadly this would be the final night we would share with Kevin. A mob of slavering undead swarmed them amidst the dust and red glow of our tail lights.

Not long after the Graves show, we had a run in with Toxic Zombie. Their minions may or may not have been the cause of a localized outbreak… There was no way to be certain. Kyle and Chris tried to hold back the horde, but it was for naught. After recruiting another drummer, and once again locating our first bassist, we took refuge at our local waystation amidst the apocalyptic waste of Everett, Tony V’s Garage, for a rematch with Toxic Zombie. Line up at this time included Ben (drums), Kevin (guitar), Duncan (guitar), Ryan (bass), Simon (keys/samples) and Katie (vocals / trombone).

Opening for ex-Misfit, Michale Graves at Studio Seven. Not long before this show, we were lucky to get out of a bind with minimal casualties; however we lost our long time guitarist Randy after a pack of ravenous ghouls breached the sandwich shop we had holed up in. He had just found the jalepeno not moments before the barricade gave way. We recruited a capable and quick witted fellow named Kevin, to take his place. Line up at this time included Chris (drums), Kevin (guitar), Duncan (guitar), Kyle (bass), Simon (keys/samples) and Katie (vocals / trombone).

Harvest time was nearly upon us. Full moon above and full graves below. Line up at this time included Chris (drums), Randy (guitar), Duncan (guitar), Kyle (bass), Simon (keys/samples) and Katie (vocals / trombone). Having learned to harden our defenses, we took the stage with Dolly Shock, The Screaming Starts, White City Graves and The Reigning Daze.

Our first live line up, featuring Chris (drums), Randy (guitar), Zach (guitar), Kyle (bass) and Simon (keys/samples). Despite our valiant efforts, the hearse eventually ran out of gas and we were overrun. While we managed to escape, Zach was wounded. Not long thereafter he would succumb to his injuries and turn.