HadesMachine with Terror Universal, Toxic Zombie and Incite!


Photos from Funhouse, Seattle, May 19 2017


Vagora, HadesMachine, Xombious, Josh Ghoul @ Tony V’s



HadesMachine at the Lovecraftian Cabinet of Horrors!


For direct event information, go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/307425632968617/


Eva O and HadesMachine!



Hitting the road!

12717400_915673978548741_3523456560807421781_nThe day is finally here. I’m awake before 5 a.m. and pounding caffeine. About to depart southbound to meet up with The B-Movie Monsters and The Other in L.A. A lot of miles and fun shows with a load of great bands culminate in a final blow out in Las Vegas before we part ways.

If you’re in or around any of these areas, come on out!!

3/02/16- Long Beach,CA @ Dipiazzas
3/03/16- Riverside CA @ Mission Tobacco Lounge
3/04/16- San Diego,CA @ Til-Two Club
3/06/16- Hollywood,CA @ Whisky a Go Go
3/07/16- Scottsdale,AZ @ The Rogue Bar
3/08/16- El Paso,TX @ Paulina’s Bad Lands Bar an Grill
3/09/16- Albq,NM @ Blu Phoenix Venue “The Compound 2”
3/11/16- Many Farms,AZ @ MF Bingo Hall
3/12/16- Denver,CO @ 3 Kings Tavern
3/13/16- Salt Lake City,UT @ Metro Bar
3/14/16- Reno,NV @ PB&J’s
3/15/16- Oakland,CA @ The Golden Bull
3/16/16- Las Vegas,NV @ Beauty Bar Las Vegas


New single, “Soulless” available now!


Getting ready to release the completely reworked Dead of Night EP. Before we hit the road in March for a short jaunt back up the coast, figured it was a good time to give you all a taste of the goodness. This song was originally written when Nick first joined HM. He started noodling out a riff, and by the next day we had a song in the works. Like any piece of music, it undergoes changes and develops. A staple of our live set, and a key part of the ongoing narrative, “Soulless” has taken on a dark life of its own. Hope you enjoy it even half as much as we enjoy playing it!

Click here to download “Soulless” now! (Right click on link and choose “Save As…” or “Save link”)


Calabrese, HadesMachine, Raw Dogs and The Crossroads Exchange on 02/18/16


We’re baaaaaaack! Back with a great line up once again! Had a blast last year and this can only be better.


HadesMachine with Cancerslug and No Buffer at El Corazon on 02/15/15


The time has come. Cancerslug is finally hitting Seattle, and we’re there to help tear it up. Come on out February 15th to see us open for one of our favorites, along with No Buffer, our compatriots in northwest debauchery! Even better yet, this is an ALL AGES SHOW!!!

Looking forward to emptying graves and raising the dead this year. The plan starts here and now.
Want to help promote this show? Here’s links to the poster graphics in various resolutions:
Poster – 300 dpi (full 11×17 print)
Poster – 150 dpi
Poster – 96 dpi (suitable for web use)


HadesMachine with Calabrese at El Corazon on 01/26/15


We’re back at El Corazon in January with Calabrese! Last January we had the pleasure of opening for them, and with any luck this will be a January tradition. We’re offering a pre-sales special once more – get your ticket, as well as our new shirt “A Damned Wolf Remained” and a download of our new single of the same title the weekend before the show! All this for $15 USD.



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