No Beast So Fierce?

So the plan for a new single per month has been pushed back a wee bit, but for plenty good reasons. Meanwhile, here’s a fun cover of an old Turbonegro song I did a while back and was saving for a rainy day (though oddly enough, it’s sunny as I post this)

[ Download “No Beast So Fierce” ]


Last Rockers Presents Sad Sad Love

2nd show of many pending for first half of the year! We are up and running!

Video from our last show! Click here: https://youtu.be/E1_W7ZidGCg


From the depths of the vault!

Happy Halloween! (I know, it’s tomorrow, but no reason not to start now)

Here’s another fun bit of HM history. In 2016 we jumped on the bill to open for Eva O, at El Corazon, Seattle. After we were committed to the show, we find out it’s an acoustic set. Hadn’t done that before, and with just over a month to prepare, we got down to retooling songs in a more creepy lounge vibe.

This was our last practice of four, before the show.



Blast from the past!

The other night I was perusing some old files here and came across a session we noodled out five years ago almost to the day. Did a little clean up on the mix and figured I’d share it with you. Live music is often an evolving, living thing, and this old snapshot of where we were then isn’t pretty, but it’s pretty fun.

– Jake

You can grab this demo release here: http://www.hadesmachine.com/_promo/HadesMachine_October_2013_Demos.zip


The Search For Violet

Now that Dead of Night is officially released, we’re busy wrapping up the follow up EP, “Violet”. For this, we’re looking for the right gal to be our Violet. This includes artwork based on a photo shoot for our cover design, interior panels, and be in a short film and music video for the title track, “Decomposing Violet”.

As this song and resulting video production depict part of the larger narrative of the first HadesMachine novel, we’re looking for a late 20’s to mid 30’s aged Caucasian lady, residing within a reasonable driving distance of Seattle, without piercings or excessive visible tattoos. Aside from being memorialized in print and art, the chosen participant will get a $500 gift certificate at my tattoo studio.

I’ll be preparing a short piece of script, and will require candidates to read it while recording a video clip (cel phone video is fine). More TBA shortly!!


New HadesMachine online shop now open!


Dead of Night, the first HadesMachine full length, coming Halloween 2017 OUT NOW!

Tracks include:
End Of The Line, Dead of Night, Cadaverous Intent, In The Blood, No One Gets Out Alive, Death From Beyond The Stars, Panic In The Lab, Soulless, 1000 Worlds Away, The Montauk Prophecies, Open Windows (originally by The Empire Hideous), Ghoul (live) and a special bonus.


OlyHallowFest 2017 – with HadesMachine, The Cemetery Drive and more!

OlyHallowFest with HadesMachine, The Cemetery Drive, Werthless, The Loud Potions, GG Irkalla, and I Dream of Witches

$3 admission for under 21, from 6 to 9pm.
$10 for 21+


Voodoo Ranger Beer Party with HadesMachine

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